Title: How to Get Your Blog Indexed on MSN in less than 72 Hours for Free

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There is a simple method to get your newly created or existing blog indexed into the MSN search engine for free. I have tried this method to get my blogs, even websites get indexed within 3 days!

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MSN uses a search engine crawler known as MSNBot; You have to tell MSNBot to crawl your blog or website.

I do not know why MSN indexes blogs(Blogger especially)during such a short time; I guess its because they are hungry for new pages…

I found this secret whilst trying to get my websites indexed into search engines for Free, and that was a while ago.

This is what you have to do, step-by-step:

1. Go to MSN.com and search your blog address. It will be BLOGNAME.blogspot.com for Blogger blogs.

2. MSN will say “We couldn’t find any results containing BLOGNAME.blogspot.com”

and 4 lines below there is a link with the text “Send the address to Us” Click that link to index your blog.

3. You now have access to MSNBot. You’ll see a code verification system; type the correct code and the URL of your blogger or wordpress blog.

Remember to include the http://…

Within 3 days your blog will be indexed! When your blog gets indexed, try this system with your websites too.

Getting indexed in Yahoo is a bit harder, and takes longer.

1) Go to Altavista.com

2) Click on “Submit a Site”

3) You’ll see 3 options… Click “Basic Submit”. You’ll need a Yahoo! account for this.

4) Once logged in, you’ll be taken to Yahoo!’s free URL submitter.

There you have it – the simple secret of getting your blog indexed in search engines.

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