Tips in Buying Designer Shoes for Your Man

Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde got that right when she said in the movie that real men could not careless what they wear especially in their footwear. Men are just not into the brand mumbo jumbo. As long as their footwear is comfortable and is presentable, they will not really mind what the brand is, what material was used to make it or even where it was manufactured.

Minding what they wear and putting together outfits for their everyday use are tasks where women are experts. Not only will they dissect the materials that are used for the soles and the heels but they will also research about the brand including every design in its repertoire. That is how detail-oriented women are and often, it comes out during shopping trips!

Still, no matter how great women are in shopping for their things, they can fall short when it comes to shopping for things that their men will wear. This is because men and women consider different things in terms of choosing the products that they are going to buy. Women are more into the design, the style and the fit while the men are more into? well nothing really.

Below are some tips on how to combine all these factors and shop for the perfect pair of footwear for your loved one.

Consider the need

Before buying your man a pair of shoes, first determine what his needs are when it comes to footwear. What does he need? What footwear is he most comfortable with? What footwear does he often use when at work?

Purchasing a pair of formal leather shoes for someone who is more into sports is not wise. If your man prefers rubber shoes, then go ahead and buy rubber shoes. Just because it is not shiny and formal does not mean that it is not stylish and classy.

Consider their style

Just because your man does not know the difference between a cut and a style does not mean that they will not appreciate a great looking pair of loafers or rubber shoes. Make sure though that when you do choose the design, you have already considered the preference of your partner.

Remember that not all people have the same tastes in the things that they wear. If you are in doubt, ask your man to come along with you when you are shopping. That way, you can combine both your tastes to come up with a perfect buy.

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